next neko desu: september 21st

What is this?

nkd.su is a request-gathering and voting service for The Cat's Neko Desu radio show.

How do I vote?

If there are any songs on the front page you would like to vote for, click on the ‘+1’ next to the current votes and send the generated tweet. If nothing on the front page strikes your fancy, feel free to use the search box to find something more your style. Once you've found something, click ‘request this song’ (or ‘+1’ if it has already been voted for). If you can't find what you're looking for, fill out the request an addition form.

You can personalise your vote with a message that will appear when people hover over your user icon. All text that is not either a valid song URL or the @nkdsu mention at the start of the tweet will be displayed.

If you have javascript enabled, You can select tracks so that you can vote for several at once by clicking anywhere in a track box that is not a link.

None of your Twitter followers will see your vote in their timelines unless they're also following @nkdsu.

All this is well and good but I don't like Twitter.

Yeah, I get it. In that case, just send Peter an email or a text or something.

How does it work?

Short answer: Django.

Long answer: GitHub. Suggestions welcome.

Does it work?

Hopefully! Only Travis knows for sure:

Build Status

Can I build things with this data?

Totally! There's a JSON API documented here. If there's some data you want that isn't currently surfaced in that API, let me know.

Who's to blame?

colons (@mftb), mostly, and of course Peter Shillito, but also contributors, including Chris Walden (@EuricaeriS), Tachibana Kanade (@h0m54r), and Thomas Moore.