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nkd.su privacy policy

You can look at the history of changes to this document if you want.

who we are

The admins, who control the website and the server it runs on; we are colons and Peter Shillito.

The elves, who deal with getting new music for the library and correcting metadata issues.

The host, Peter Shillito, who runs the show.

We also have a hosting provider, who technically could get access to a lot of this information, but we don't expect them to. If you want, you can have a look at their privacy policy, too.

things we gather and how they will be used

track requests

These include:

  • an attribution to your account
  • the time that they are made
  • what tracks they are for
  • any comment you write

These will be used to:

  • act as public-facing track requests for the radio show
  • provide aggregate information to the host to inform playlist decisions

Your requests, comments, and name may also be read and broadcast as part of the radio show.

library addition and metadata correction suggestions

These include:

  • the information you type into the form
  • any contact information you choose to provide

They will be used to:

  • improve the library

The website only shows these to elves and admins, but they are emailed in plain text and will be shared among the elves.

account information

This can include:

  • tokens for authenticating you against a third-party authentication provider (like Twitter, for instance)
  • a hashed password
  • a screen name and a display name
  • an avatar

These will be used to:

  • authenticate you
  • represent you to other users

You can change your names or avatar at any time. Please contact an admin if you would like to have this information modified or deleted in a way that the website doesn't give you controls for.


Some nkd.su features require the use of a session cookie associated with information about what you're currently doing. In particular, we store:

  • the tracks that you have selected
  • which theme (dark, light, or system) you've chosen
  • your login status, if you are logged in

These will only ever be used within your browsing session, and expired sessions are cleared daily.

webserver logs

These include:

  • IP addresses
  • time of access
  • URLs accessed

Only admins can see these, and they will only ever be used for threat mitigation.