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Request an addition to the library

You can submit suggestions for new songs for the Neko Desu library here. Thank you for the suggestion! We'll do our best to add it if it's eligible and the elves can find it.

Neko Desu Library Eligibility Critera

Neko Desu is an anime music radio show. If the song you're requesting does not feature in an anime, it will not be added to the library. Specifically, a song can be included if:

  1. The song is used as one or more of the following in relation to an anime series, film or straight to retail episodes (OVA):

    • Opening theme (used as the opening credits are shown)
    • Ending theme (used as the ending credits are shown)
    • Insert song (used within an episode with lyrics clearly audible, not to be confused with incidental background music)
    • Character song (released as a song performed and attributed to a character from an anime, but direct to retail and typically not used within the anime itself)
  2. Opening and ending themes can occasionally be instrumental, and these will be eligible. Otherwise, only songs with lyrics are eligible.

  3. The song is used in the Japanese release of the anime. Western versions which use different music don't count.

  4. Occasionally, otherwise eligible songs will contain English-language swear words, or other inappropriate lyrics. These will be approached with caution and attempted to be edited to remove this where possible. If removal impacts the quality of song too much, then the song will not be added to the library. Additionally, if the song content is generally offensive, whether English, Japanese or otherwise, then the song will not be eligible. Failure to adhere to this could potentially result in sanctions from the UK broadcasting regulator OFCOM including, but not limited to, financial fines.

  5. There are certain anime where the content of the anime itself is offensive, toxic or otherwise not something Neko Desu wants to endorse. In these cases, songs from the anime will not be permitted in the library and discussion of said anime will also not take place on-air. These will be treated carefully on a case-by-case basis following discussions within people involved in the production of Neko Desu. A decision to block an entire show from Neko Desu has not and will not be taken lightly.

Submit your request

Please include as much information about the track you want added as possible. We'll add the song as soon as we can, but the process takes time and obscure songs take longer!