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Tomatsu Haruka

21 of these 37 tracks have been played.

1 track from Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

4 tracks from Basquash!

1 track from Happiness Charge PreCure!

2 tracks from Kannagi

1 track from Katanagatari

3 tracks from Mitsudomoe

1 track from Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!

1 track from Morita-san wa Mukuchi OVA

1 track from Motto ToLoveRu

1 track from My Little Monster

1 track from ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me?

2 tracks from Sakura Trick

2 tracks from Samurai Flamenco

1 track from Sound of the Sky/So Ra No Wo To

1 track from Star Driver

2 tracks from Sword Art Online

2 tracks from Sword Art Online II

1 track from Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld

2 tracks from The Everyday Tales of a Cat God

2 tracks from Wasteful Days of High School Girls

4 tracks from Zettai Karen Children

1 track from Zettai Karen Children OVA

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